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Link Bit Consulting provides our customers with premium content consisting of single item services, such as information on specific horse races, events or multiple races on the same day. We offer a variety of industry information to the general public, but in order to have access to more in-depth horse racing information users can pay a one-time or short-term access fee. These fees range between $4 and $800, depending on the amount of information users wish to see.

Content production

We actively publish horse racing content on our website, as well as in print media and magazines to keep fans up to date on upcoming racing seasons. We also produce a five-minute television program titled “Ba Kyun!” that airs on FRESH! By Abema TV.

The Horse Racing Industry in Japan

Modern horse racing in Japan began in 1862, and has since become one of the most popular sports in the country. The sport is centrally controlled by the Japan Racing Association (JRA) and the National Association of Racing (NAR).

Horse racing is an industry that is viewed by many as the most efficient, transparent, upscale and family friendly of its kind. There are about 16,000 horse races held each year, with about 288 JRA racing days and 1,294 NAR days (racing days are the total number of race days of all courses).

The value of horse racing in Japan

The total prize money of JRA and NAR races in 2014 was approximately $610M.

On track pari-mutuel betting in 2014  was about $1.1B and off-track betting was $22.3M. 

The Popularity of Horse Racing in Japan

The popularity of horse racing in Japan translates into a large volume of betting, and creates a demand by racing enthusiasts for information regarding breeding, race history of horses, jockeys and other matters that may be factors in evaluating races and how to bet on the horses. 

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